Seawater Electrolysis

Seawater Electrolysis
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Seawater Electrolysis

Usually seawater contains 18,980 mg/l chloride ion and 10,561 mg/l of sodium ion, using the special electrode for seawater electrolysis can produce available chlorine(including HClO, ClO -, Cl2), It is a kind of broad-spectrum fungicide, can kill the bacteria,algae and shellfish in seawater, so it can be used for prevent marine life to stick and grow in the pipe walls.


Basic Reaction Principles


Anode:2Cl-→Cl2↑+2e             (1)

Cathode:2H2O+2e→H2↑+2OH-     (2)

Electrolyte:Cl2+H2O→HClO+Cl-+H+     (3)

          HClO→H++OCl-                 (4)





Seawater anti-fouling

Coastal power plants, chemical plants, offshore platforms and other facilities require large amounts of seawater for cooling water.But the seawater contains some organisms that often stick to the pipe walls.These Biological fouling affecting the heat exchange efficiency and safety of the facility.


Seawater eletrochlorination system can effective against and prevent marine life to stick and grow in the pipe walls, and it has the advantage of safety,convenience and low operating cost.

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