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About magnesium rod you do not know

Aug 16, 2017

The scale contains the composition of the insoluble magnesium salt (magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, and the complex precipitate of calcium). How does it replace the scale?

Secondly, what is hard water? Is calcium and magnesium content of water, then how can it soften the water? Only make the water more "hard" Bale.

In fact, the main role of magnesium rod anode is to protect the surrounding 

metal water tank, water pipes do not corrode too much, with professional terms, is to play the "sacrificial anode" role. What is the meaning of it? Water heater tank, pipe walls are stainless steel, copper or other metal. With a long time, long-term bubble in the water, but also a relatively high temperature environment, and then corrosion-resistant things, always more or less corrosion. The general corrosion also fills, nothing more than a layer of rust, but most afraid of is very deep corrosive hole, there is such a corrosive hole, the surface is still intact, in fact, has been worn to wear, and even some corrosive hole Are not easy to see, it is easy to leak or leakage, think about how dangerous it So, add a more active magnesium alloy rod in the tank and form an original battery with the surrounding water tank, so that the excess stick and water react more to protect the more important water tank.

magnesium rod anodemagnesium anode rod for water heater

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