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Advantages of MMO anode

Nov 29, 2016

Titanium anode/electrode (MMO) is made of precious metal iridium salt coated on titanium substrate 

by high temperature sintering, is widely used in Electroplating, Chlor Alkali, Electro synthesis, 

Water treatment and Metal Electrowinning. MMO Electrode preparation and application has been quite 

mature, has been 40 years of history,  has many advantages:

1, Technical characteristics

High efficiency current, excellent antibacterial corrosion performance; and long service lifetime; 

2, High catalytic activity

It is known that the platinum-plated electrode is a high peroxygen potential electrode (1.563V, 

relative to mercury sulphate) , while the MMO anode is a low oxygen evolution electrode(1.385V vs. 

mercury sulphate) , More easily oxygen evolving. Therefore, it will be more save energy when using.

3, Non-polluting MMO

The anode coating is a ceramic oxide of noble metal iridium, which is a fairly stable oxide, hardly

 soluble in any acid, and has an oxide coating of about 20 to 40 µm, generally speaking it with 

less overall oxide coating . Therefore, the MMO anode does not cause contamination of the plating 

solution, which is basically the same as the platinum-plated electrode.

4, Cost-effective

Obviously the MMO electrode is more economical than platinum-plated electrode.

5, Anode maintenance costs less. We don’t need to stop production to clean and replenish the 

anode, replace the anode bag and re-coat the anode (increased productivity, reduced labor costs);

6, The insoluble anode service life depends on the type, current density and the contact with a 

variety of electroplating chemicals.

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