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Application Status of Magnesium rod anode

Jun 05, 2017

To a certain extent, the magnesium rod anode part of the water heater to ease the corrosion problem, reducing the security risks, it has its own positive significance.

magnesium rod anodemagnesium rod anode on thewater heater liner and heating pipe protection has been recognized by the manufacturers, almost all of the water heater manufacturers are installed in the water heater magnesium rod. Normal products have a rated life, magnesium rod as an extension of the sacrificial anode, certainly have their own life. Its general life is 2 years. However, due to the different water quality of each place, the use of different water heater frequency, magnesium rods are also different service life.

magnesium rod anode

magnesium rods anode life is limited, can not always be effective protection of the water heater, the so-called sacrificial anode at the expense of the day, magnesium rod is the same, so the magnesium rod is to be replaced regularly.


Now in the summer, the use of water heaters is even higher, so the role of magnesium rods are more and more obvious,i hope you have a good summer experience.

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