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Coated Titanium Anode for The alkaline etching liquid copper recovery

Dec 05, 2016

At present,In domestic,copper recovery with titanium anode are mainly used for the PCB copper 

recovery in PCB industry.Main method is electrolytic process, There are three types for copper 

recycling: the alkaline etching liquid recycling with titanium anode, acid etching liquid recycling

with titanium anode and micro etching liquid copper recovery with titanium anode.


The main ingredients for alkaline etching liquid recycling copper etching liquid are ammonia, 

ammonium chloride and additives.General production workshop discharge of waste liquid copper 

content is 110 ~ 130 g/l.This liquid recovery value is high, the recover method, electrolytic 

method for extraction.This method use copper ions of the extractive agent, made the electrolyte in 

electrolytic copper sulfate solution.Its advantage is high purity of electrolytic copper.general 

the purity of electrolytic copper is more than 99.9%. 


Coating types: iridium+tantalum mixed oxide coating, platinum+ tantalum mixed metal oxide coating 

and platinum coating etc.;

Anode shape: sheet, rod, plate, mesh, etc.;

Anode size: it can customize according to customer's size of plating bath, plating conditions;

Current density: 600-600 A/m2;

Service life: 3 years or less;

Howah is a professional manufacturer of titanium electrode, has 20 years of technical experience 

Its production of electrolytic ion water machine with titanium anode has good electrical 

conductivity,Super corrosion resistance,excellent mechanical strength and processing performance, 

long service life,etc.Welcome to your enquiry.

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