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Corrosion fatigue

Sep 28, 2017

     Corrosion fatigue refers to the metal material in the cyclic stress or pulsating stress and corrosive medium under the joint action, the resulting brittle fracture corrosion morphology. Under the combined action of the corrosive medium and the alternating stress, the fatigue limit of the metal is greatly reduced and thus prematurely ruptures. This damage is much more severe than the damage caused by the simple alternating stress (ie, fatigue) or corrosion alone, and sometimes the corrosive environment does not require significant erosion. Ship thrusters, turbines and turbine blades, automotive springs and shafts, pump shafts and pump rods and offshore platforms.

    Corrosion fatigue characteristics are: corrosion fatigue does not exist fatigue limit; compared with the stress corrosion, corrosion fatigue without this selectivity, almost all of the metalin any corrosive environment will produce corrosion fatigue, corrosion fatigue does not require material - the environment The corrosion fatigue strength of the metal is related to its corrosion resistance. Corrosion fatigue crack is originated from the surface corrosion pits or defects, and the number of crack sources is more. The corrosion fatigue fracture is brittle fracture, and there is no obvious macroscopic plastic deformation

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