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Do you know the process and application of Platinized Titanium Anode

Dec 22, 2016

In the field of electrochemistry, as an anode material, the performance of platinum is excellent, especially in the anodic evolution of oxygen process platinum oxidation resistance and electrocatalytic performance is superior to other materials. Therefore, in many important areas of electrochemical production, such as producing hydrogen peroxide and ammonium persulfate platinum will be the anode material. However, considering platinum resources scarce and high cost, and in order to reduce costs and maintain the excellent performance of platinum anode, researchers use platinum-plated materials instead of pure platinum products and it has achieved very good results. The study found that titanium, tantalum, niobium is a suitable substrate material, these three metals are not only corrosion resistant,, also they are valve metals. Valve metal has a unidirectional current carrying nature, under a certain potential,the surface of these metals could form a layer of oxide film.When platinum composite in these substrates, through the anode current, even if there are holes at substrate material it will not occur corrosion since the porous substrate will automatically produce oxide film.


Processing of platinized titanium anode: pretreatment of titanium material → electro cleaning → washing → activating → distilled water washing → brush plating → distilled water washing → drying.

platinized titanium anode


Applications of Platnized Titanium Anode

1.Cathodic Protection

Platinuized titanium anode is an ideal anode material for protection of two-way structure in seawater, fresh water and soil. It is mostly recommended for use in seawater, because the consumption rate of platinum in seawater is 6mg / (A·a), while the consumption rate of platinum in soil is increased to 175 ~ 200 mg / (A· a). That is because when it used in soil, its surface is oxygen or chlorine oxygen eutectoid, oxygen caused by strong acid environment can accelerate the dissolution of platinum. When using platinized titanium anode in the soil, it needs to use carbon backfill and to in close contact, the purpose is to reduce the platinum anode surface electrochemical reaction occurs directly. Because of the platinum anode is more expensive, the rate of consumption in the soil, and the grounding resistance increases with time to gradually increase, normally the use of high silicon cast iron anode and graphite anode in the soil are more extensive.


2. Electrolysis Preparation of Ionic Water

At present, the research of ionic water is extensive,

the production of acidic ionized water is widely used for disinfection, sterilization, and alkaline ionized water used for drinking water. The use of platinum clad electrode as the ion water machine cathode or anode, polarity of the electrode can be transformed frequently so that it could not only increase the life of the electrode but also remove the electrode surface contaminants to ensure the quality of ionized water.


Platinized anode also be widely used in electroplating fields due to its high performance.

platinized anode

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