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High silicon cast iron anode general use environment

Sep 19, 2017

High silicon cast iron anode, very acid and corrosive, is the application of current cathodic protection system widely used auxiliary anode material.


1. Low consumption rate, allowing current density

2. The grounding resistance is small polarization potential stability, high utilization

 Instructions for use


1. High silicon cast iron anode with high silicon content, transport, installation do not collision. Install the anode when the anode wire should not be used as lifting tools, so as to avoid the increase in connector resistance, wire and anode from the damage. In the case of

2. High silicon cast iron anode should be installed in the protection of current distribution evenly. When used in soil, coke should be used as filler, the maximum size of coke should be less than 15mm. In the case of

3. High silicon cast iron anode and the distance between the pipeline between 50 ~ 300m. In the case of

4. High silicon cast iron anode Whether the use of vertical or horizontal which type of installation, from the ground distance should not be less than 1m, the distance between the vertical anode is generally 3m, horizontal anodic arrangement, the interval of 0.3 ~ 1m. In the case of

5. High silicon cast iron anode and anti-corrosion instrument supporting the use of the anode connected to the instrument positive, protected body connected to the instrument negative.

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