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Hot sale product Aluminum Anode from Howah metal

Dec 08, 2016

Since early November, the last two months ,our aluminum anode product have many inquiries, aluminum anode orders also increased significantly, especially customers from the South American market and north American market pay much attention to our goods .

Our company aluminum anode is devided into these types :Aluminum Hull Anode,Aluminum Ballast Tank Anode ,Aluminum Bracelet Anode and so on. We can do any size and weight according to customers’ requirement ,new mould can be done.

Recently customers  ore ofen asked anodes as follows: 5.3kg Aluminum Hull Anode,14.5kg Aluminum Hull Anode,136kg ,79kg  and so on .

About Aluminum anode Electrochemical Performance in our company :


Electrode Potential

-V(vs Cu/CuSO4)

Current Efficiency

%(vs Cu/CuSO4)

Nominal Ampere Hours/kg 

(A.h)/kg(vs Cu/CuSO4)


-1.18~ -1.10




-1.18~ -1.10



aluminum anodealuminum anode

Welcome to ask our Aluminum anode .

If you are interested in our products or you have any questions ,please contact with me,i am Erin,i will give you the best servive,


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