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How much do you know about Magnesium rod anode

Feb 22, 2017

Magnesium rods, also known as the Magnesium anode, its main ingredient is magnesium.In the tank, it and the tank (ingredient is iron) contact with water at the same time, form a galvanic cell by chemical principle. Because of the water in the tank is not pure water, total to all kinds of impurities and has certain corrosion resistance, when the water temperature is over 40 ℃, can produce scale.If there is no magnesium anode rod, the tank has been corrosion.

The properties of the metal magnesium ions (magnesium 2 +) and how it works:

Magnesium iron and magnesium can be soluble in water, but stronger than iron with electropositive, are more likely to become a magnesium ion (magnesium 2 +), namely: because magnesium character more lively, and magnesium were dissolved in the water first.At this point, the magnesium from magnesium combines with oxygen bar, the corrosion process is over.Magnesium rods, in other words, corrosion, and bladder intact.

magnesium rod anodemagnesium rod anode

magnesium rod anode

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