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How to replace the magnesium rod with water heater

Jul 12, 2017

How to replace the magnesium rod anode with water heater

The summer is very hot this year,so we need to take a shower everyday,however,magnesium rod anode is a very import in the water heater,so do you know how to replace the magnesiun rod anode? We will intriduce the stpes of how to replace the magnesium anode:

step1. Pull the power first

step2.The water is closed

step3. Dispose of the sewage outfall and other water

step4. Open the water for a few minutes

step5. put the new magnesium rod anode installed do not take raw material because it is with a leather pad

step6. The mixing valve to open to the hot water there can not be closed, into the cold water until the nozzle can be plugged into the water.

magnesium rod anode 1.JPGmagnesium rod anode2.JPGmagnesium rod anode3.JPG

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