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Howah Impressed current system HSCI Anodes application for city gas pipeline

Nov 23, 2016

Howah impressed current system is applied to city gas pipelines cathodic pro-

tion. Maybe we always pay attention to large oil and gas, big chemical industry project. We should eyes to 

civilian areas.

Howah SHCI anodes are used to impressed current system for 6.4km city gas pipelines cathodic protection. This 

project impressed current system uses sha-llow buried bed ground type high silicon iron anodes as auxiliary 

anodes. Pow-er system is high frequency switch transformer rectifier. The long-term CuSo4 reference electrode 

as feedback signal electrode. There are 6 testing pile used for monitoring the efficacy of cathodic protection. 

When all system are operation, the production of the whole gas pipeline cathodic protection effect is good.

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