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Howah MMO Electronic anode

Nov 21, 2016

MMO Electronic anode is for water tank corrosion protection,it is used as the working electrode in the ICCP system for tanks or heat exchange coils made from enameled steel or stainless steel.

Recently our MMO rod anode for water heater is hot-sale in America market ,many customers ask us this kind of anode .Now we want to introduce our MMO anode .

MMO Electronic anodehas two parts :

 - with the function of working state of alarm Potential Controller (Potential Controller);

 - preciousmetal oxide coated titanium Electrode (MMO/Ti Electrode) components,

  including: long-term life of MMO coated titanium rods,the installation of standard thread screw head, wires and terminals

MMO  titanium anode rod has better performance than Mg rod anodesuch as small size, light weight, and it also can deodorize, titanium anode and the water heater tank formed a tap water to the water heater tank circuit for conducting medium.When an electric current passes through the electrode, and Cl - in the tap water to the wire as anode MMO titanium anode movement, enrichment near the anode, a cathode near the water heater tank, will greatly reduce the Cl - concentration, slow down the corrosion rate of the water heater tank, greatly prolong the service life of the tank.

Howah MMO electronic anode can meet customers’ different requirement ,we also can produce MMO wire,MMO ribbon anode ,MMO plate ,MMO rod ,MMO tube ,PT anode and so on .

Warmly welcome customers visit Howah company .

mmo electronic anode