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Impressed current cathodic protection for pipelines

Dec 20, 2016

Pipeline will be protected with an external DC power supply, connected to the negative electrode, the production  current provided by an external power supply, so thatreduce pipeline corrosion rate. Theimpressed current cathodic protectionis also called forced current cathodic protection.

The advantages are:

① high drive voltage, can be flexible control the output current of cathodic protection;

② can be use in harsh corrosive conditions or high resistivity environment;

③ insoluble anode material can be used for long-term cathodic protection;

④ If the pipeline anti-corrosion insulation layer is in good quality, then a cathodic protection station can protect the range of tens of kilometers;

⑤ can achieve complete protection on the local exposed or anti-corrosion insulation layer of poor quality pipeline.

The disadvantages are:

① need external power supply;

② the neighboring underground metallic facilities prone to interference;

③ Maintenance technology is more complex than sacrificial anode protection;

④ high investment costs.

iccp for pipelineiccp for pipeline

iccp for pipelineiccp for pipeline

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