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Magnesium anode rod replaced every two years

Nov 16, 2016

Electric water heater magnesium rods common sense: to protect the liner!

Electric water heater anode rod is an important part of the water heater, commonly known as magnesium rod, 

electric water heaters are equipped with a magnesium rod to sterilization, disinfection and rust scale, magnesium 

rod will continue to consume when using, and the general service life is about two years.

    Most of us don’t know when to replace a magnesium anode rod.The main component of the anode rod is 

magnesium or aluminum. The anode rod utilizes the principle of electrochemical protection techniques in cathodic 

protection. The basic principles of this technology are: Applying a certain DC current in the metal surface (which 

needed to be protected), so that the cathode surface polarization. When the potential of the metal is lost to a 

certain potential value, then the corrosion corrosion of the anode dissolution process will be effectively inhibited.

In the water heater, the anode rod of magnesium metal constantly dissolution consumption, providing current to 

protect the surface of the water heater liner, to prevent corrosion of the liner, so as to achieve the purpose of 

protection the liner.

    As the anode rod will continue to consume in water heater, the anode rod’s service lifetime is different in 

different quality of water , so the consumption rate is not the same in different regions. Anode rod was installed  

inside of the water heater, so generally it is difficult for most users to determine when need to replace the anode 

rod.If the replacement is too frequent, then it is not economy for the user. 

If not replaced the anode rod for a long time, then it can not protect the water heater’s corrosion, and shorten 

the service life of the water heater.

    There are two kinds of feasible ways for ordinary users: one is to consult the professional manufacturers who 

have experience, they can observe and judge whether it needs to replace the anode rod.

Another simple way is directly buy the water heater which has the tips with anode rod replacement detection , 

then you can know clearly if you need to replace.

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