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Magnesium Ribbon sacrificial anode

Oct 12, 2017

Magnesium Ribbon sacrificial anode with good anti-corrosion performance, without additional DC power supply, installed automatically after operation, without maintenance, small footprint, low cost, and the external environment does not have any interference advantages.

The shape of the ribbon anode is flat, the length can be adjusted and easily bent. These features can be used in cathodic protection projects, especially in long-distance pipelines, through pipelines, large pipes through the pipe section, large storage tank bottom, lightning protection grounding network and composite anode in the short-term anode The Magnesium is mainly used for the protection of body coiled, narrow construction of the surface, and high resistivity soil, fresh water and other media

magnesium ribbon anode 2.jpgmagnesium ribbon anode 1.jpgmagnesium ribbon anode.jpg

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