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MMO Ribbon Anode

Mar 03, 2017

The noble metal oxide anode is formed by covering a titanium substrate (ASTMB 265 grade titanium) with a metal oxide having an electrocatalytic activity (an oxide of a metal such as ruthenium iridium).

     MMO ribbon anode has a high chemical stability, even in the low pH and containing chloride environment also has good chemical stability; dimensional stability; low and uniform coating loss rate: 1-6 mg / A. A; can be high Current density work; with excellent conductivity.

      The band-like anode and the backfill are interdependent because direct use of the ribbon anode will reduce the useful life of the anode itself, while the backfill can cause the anode to increase the output efficiency of the current and increase the service life of the anode. In order to reduce the grounding resistance of the sacrificial anode, it is sometimes used to lay the ribbon-like anode with a ribbon-like magnesium anode or a zinc anode, so that the current inside the metal is distributed more evenly along the structure of the protected device. When the ribbon anode is laid along the pipe, it should be connected to the pipe at regular intervals and the distance should not be too large, because the anode will continue to be consumed with the delay of the time, the resistance of the anode band will gradually increase, The anode spacing is preferably not more than 305 meters. If the banded anode is buried directly in the soil, the anode itself may be corroded and the service life may be reduced. The use of backfill: gypsum powder in the backfill can absorb a lot of water, sodium sulfate can make the anode surface corrosion evenly, thereby enhancing the utilization of the anode.

mmo ribbon anodemmo ribbon anode

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