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MMO ribbon anode

Jan 18, 2017

Precious metal oxide anode(MMO anode, Mixed Oxide anode) is covered with a layer of electro-catalytic activity of metal oxides (ruthenium, iridium, titanium and other metal oxides) in the titanium substrate (ASTM B 265 GR1 titanium), oxide coating polarization and consumption rate is very low, adjusting the composition of the oxide layer, then we can make it suitable for different environments, such as seawater, fresh water, soil, etc.

Since the MMO anode has the advantage that other anodes do not have, it has become the most ideal and the most promising auxiliary anode material.


The MMO ribbon anode has been widely used as the auxiliary anode of the cathodic protection system at domestic market and abroad, usually used for above ground storage tanks bottoms and reinforced concrete structures.

Our MMO titanium anode has a very low loss rate in various environment in the cathodic protection system, and the service lifetime can reach more than 50 years.


1) High chemical stability,

2) Even in low PH value and contains chloride ion environment also has good chemical stability;

3) Dimensional stability;

4) Low and uniform coating loss rate: 1-6 mg / A.

5) Can be work at high current density;

6) Has excellent electrical properties and other characteristics.

General dimensions:

Width 6.35mm; thickness 0.635mm; Length: 76.2 m / roll or 152.4 meters / roll

mmo ribbon anodemmo ribbon anode

mmo ribbon anodemmo ribbon anode

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