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Mmo Titanium anode product use Note

Jul 13, 2017

MMO Titanium anode product use Note

DSA is not a true sense of the insoluble anode, but the consumption rate is low. Depending on the application industry and the specific use of the environment, our company can promise to ensure that the service life between 0.5 to 50 years.

1. the normal working current density of 2000A / m² or less, the current is too large to cause too much reaction, shorten the anode life;

2. the electrolyte can not contain cyanide ions, fluoride ions. These impurities will seriously corrode the titanium matrix;

3. yin and yang pole distance can be set according to the specific circumstances, generally 5-25mm. In general, the pole from the General Assembly to increase power consumption, while not too small, otherwise the cathode surface of the cathode scale is likely to cause short-circuit plate;

4. strictly prohibited use. Precious metal oxide coating once used as a cathode, the surface of the reduction reaction, easy to change into a metal element, it can not be effectively combined with titanium, resulting in coating off. It is contemplated to periodically add acid to clean the plate surface. ,

5.the electrolyte temperature should not be too high, the ideal temperature of 25-40 ℃.

6.when the application of water purification flushing plate surface, not a long time power soak in the solution. It is advisable to maintain a 2-5A small enough current to protect the plate.

7. installation, handling a small coating surface shall not be scratched, or will soon be local corrosion

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