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The Application of Test Station in Sacrificial Anode Protection System

Dec 21, 2016

As we all know, the electrode is the most common in the field of electricity, for the electrode in terms of the application of its scope of application or practical effect of the play will be far more than a single field. The sacrificial anode protection method is the most common and most prominent utility of the product application. So in the practical application of how to test it?

According to the anode product development experts pointed out that the most common way to test sacrificial anode is to by the test station.

Sacrificial anode test station purposes: mainly used for the detection of cathodic protection parameters, pipeline management and maintenance. According to the test function along the laying, the test station can be used to test the potential, current and insulation performance of the pipeline, and can also be used for testing the cover leakage and AC / DC interference.

In the practical application of sacrificial anodetest station, the role of the specific situation described below:

1. Telemetry signal source for pipeline cathodic protection.

2. Precise monitoring of cathodic protection and potential measurement for sacrificial anode protection.

3. Working as the stable signal source with automatic control in the impressed current cathodic protection system. It is suitable for buried pipes and underground metal structures of the cathodic protection works.

4. Test station can be buried in the place that need to monitor while can not entered. Such as the central part of large container bottom, the unapproachable area between underground fuel reservoir and chemical storage tank, the pipe networks under the urban road, etc. It can be pre-laid during construction for long-term use.

In addition, the auxiliary anode is an indispensable component in the impressed current cathodic protection system. The protection current is fed into the soil through the auxiliary anode, and the surface of the pipeline is cathodically polarized (protected against electro chemical corrosion) by the soil flowing into the protected pipeline. From the pipeline into the negative power supply to form a loop and this loop formed an electrolytic cell, finally the pipeline is in the reduction of the negative environment and the corrosion is prevented. 

sacrifical anode

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