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titanium anode of introduction

Apr 09, 2018

A titanium anode is an anode in a titanium-based metal oxide coating. According to the different surface catalytic coating, it has the functions of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution. General electrode materials must have good conductivity, small change in pole pitch, strong corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and processability, long life, low cost, and good electrocatalytic performance for electrode reaction. At present, titanium is the most suitable General requirements of the metal, the general use of industrial pure titanium TA1 \ TA2.

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The role of metal oxide coatings on titanium anodes is: low electrical resistivity and good electrical conductivity (permanent conductivity of titanium itself)

Bad) The precious metal coating has stable chemical composition, stable crystal structure, stable electrode size, good corrosion resistance, long service life, good electrocatalytic performance, and is advantageous in reducing overpotential of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reaction and saving electric energy. .

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1. Titanium anode has a long working life. In the chlor-alkali industry for diaphragm production, the metal anode is resistant to chlorine and alkali corrosion, and the anode life is long.

Has been more than 6 years, while the graphite anode is only 8 months. The

2. It can overcome the problem of dissolution of graphite anodes and lead anodes to avoid contamination of electrolytes and cathodic products, thus improving the purity of metal products. The

3, can increase the current density. In the production of chlor-alkali by the diaphragm method, the working current density of the graphite anode is 8 A/dm2, and the titanium anode can be doubled up to 17 A/dm2, so that under the same conditions in the electrolysis plant and the electrolytic cell, the output can be increased by a factor of two. Single-slot production capacity effectively improves labor productivity. When using electrolysis at a high working current density, a titanium anode is suitable. The

4. Due to the use of metal anodes, the high temperature, high current density operation of the chlorate cell is possible. The adoption of metal anodes has improved the structure of the electrolytic cell, reduced the power consumption, accelerated the chemical reaction of the hypochlorite chlorate, and improved the production performance.

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