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What is Magnesium anode

Dec 27, 2016

Magnesium anode with high driving voltage, low current efficiency and high cost. According to the shape and electrode potential (open circuit potential) of different magnesium anode can be used for resistivity in 15 ohms to 150 ohms, soil and water environment.Don't usually applied to the soil resistivity less than 10 ohms, environment.High potential of magnesium anode potential is 1.75 V CSE, driving voltage of 0.85 V.Low potential magnesium anode potential is 1.55 V CSE, driving voltage of 0.7 V.Using the temperature can reach 100 ℃.As the sacrificial anode residual amount is 15%, the weight of the initial anode failure, which is to think so, anode generally take 85% utilization.

magnesium anode

Magnesium anode current efficiency of about 50%, affected by the environment may also lower.When soil and water salinity is low, small output current, therefore, its corrosion is relatively larger.When high soil resistivity, anode output current is small, the surface of the anode passivation, prone to further increase the grounding resistance, further reducing anode output current.At this point, the anode open circuit potential or in electricity point measuring pipeline potential, may not have obvious change.At higher temperatures, its corrosion, low efficiency, so, in salt water or salt water, the temperature should not be more than 32 ℃;Should not be in fresh water, more than 45 ℃, in sea water, its life is short, should not be used.

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