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Zinc Anode

Dec 06, 2016

Zinc anode is primarily used for corrosion prevention in seawater of steel and aluminum equipment and structures such as ship hull, ballast tank, heat exchanger, condenser, pier, pilling, etc. It can also be used as packaged anodes as grounding cells on electrical motors panels, conduits, and caross insulators on pipelines to limit dangerously high voltages.

However, zinc anode is not recommended to use in freshwater. In freshwater, zinc can form a passive film. This film insulates the anode and stops it from protection.

Zinc anodeprovides the lowest driving voltage in comparision with aluminum anode and magnesium anode . Therefore, it does not easily cause overprotection which leads to coating disbandment and hydrogen damage of high strength steel.

Our anode conforms to ASTM B 418 and U.S. Military Specification, MIL-A-18001K standard, high purity zinc ingot 99.995% and other high quality raw materials with rigid production and inspection procedure to ensure our zinc anode meet or excel the international standard requirement.

zinc anodezinc anode

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