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Zinc welding anode used in ship hull

Mar 01, 2017

Used in hull welding type zinc anode is a shipbuilding used parts, seawater medium ships, machinery and equipment, Marine engineering and port facilities, and in the sea mud pipes, cables and other facilities metal corrosion cathodic protection.


Anode consumption gradually along with flow of electric current, so called, the anode consumption is fast, setting position and methods must be easy to replace. Low potential metal material with magnesium, magnesium alloy, pure zinc, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, etc.


Usually at the rear and the ship below the waterline of the hull sections, fitted with a certain amount of zinc block, in order to prevent hull corrosion, such as the application of this method. Currently, electrochemical protection applications in addition to the protection of the sea or river steel equipment, also applies to prevent cable, pipeline, corrosion of underground equipment and chemical equipment etc.


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