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Innovation is essential to pursue new business opportunities in current and new markets.

An international team of scientists, chemists and engineers are involved in R&D activities carried out by HOWAH R&D Division.

The final scope of the research conducted by our R&D Division is to identify and develop innovative opportunities in the different fields of electrochemistry.

Electrodes on going development

Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anode

The mixed metal oxides are formed on the substrate through a process of thermal- decomposition, creating an oxide coating of the platinum group metals

Platinized Titanium/Niobium Anode

Platinum is used as an anode material when either metallurgically clad or electroplated onto either a titanium substrate

Lead Oxide Titanium/Ceramic Anode

Lead dioxide anode is an economical alternative to the platinized anode. PbO2 anodes are mainly used in the electrolytic production of perchlorates and chlorates.These lead dioxide anodes are produced by coating lead dioxide on a substrate material by means of electrodeposition method.