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2016 Marine And Marine Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar

Sep 03, 2016

NACE Shanghai Branch and Shanghai Institute of Corrosion Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Marine Technology, Shanghai Materials Research Institute, Shanghai Engineering Materials Application and Evaluation Key Laboratory of the "2016 ship and marine anti-corrosion technology exchange" in 2016 On August 27 at the Shanghai Institute of Materials successfully held.

      Earlier this year, NACE International expatriate Earl Dangleben was invited to give a keynote speech titled "Paint Failure, Opportunity for Effective and Effective Prevention". Earl has been a NACE member for 26 years, and at 21 years of age he has received a CIP Level 3 certificate, and is still the youngest recipient of the CIP Level 3 Certificate.

      Earl said he was happy to see the students who had been there, some of whom had already become a NACE trainer. His report emphasized that as management, must be clearly aware of the early investment in corrosion control and protection of the benefits and the cost of ex post maintenance, and make the right decision; as a coating inspector certificate inspectors, strictly Compliance with the rules of operation, remember not to neglect their duties, or the loss of both for individuals or projects, are enormous.

      In addition, the Shanghai Institute researcher Li Guangfu, China Iron and Steel Research Institute Qingdao Ocean corrosion Institute Han Bing, Zhenhua Heavy Painting Institute Xu Zhengbin, Shanghai Maritime University Li Wenge teacher, Shanghai Maritime UniversityShen Yuanyuan, British Lloyd's class (China) Co., Ltd. Greater China chief PSPC expert Li Ruichun, Senior Engineer of the Dow Chemical R & D engineer Shu Shujun, respectively, the theme of the report and technical reports