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2017 CDWE Chengdu Water Show

Apr 28, 2017

2017 CDWE Chengdu Water Show

Howah will join the 2017 CDWE Chengdu Water Show is organized by Sichuan Xinzhonglian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Association, Sichuan Provincial Environmental Science Association, Sichuan Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association and other 20 local industry bodies. We specialize in sewage treatment, membrane and water Processing, water supply and drainage and pump valve tube, the end of the four major water purification exhibition area, led by the industry organizations led by government departments, research institutes, experts, business leaders gathered around the municipal water, industrial water treatment, technical exchanges and other topics, Held nearly 10 multi-form meeting and "exhibitors - professional audience" precision docking Fair.MMO titanium anode is widly use for water treatment.howha is professional manufacturing in water treatment and cathodic protection.

CDWE Chengdu Water Show held 12 sessions in professional quality, 2016 square meters in 2016 exhibition area, held more than 10 professional meetings, gathered from the United States, Britain, Germany and other eight countries and regions, including Sander, GE, The United States and Germany, the United States Fu special, + GF +, three PCT, Bermet, large group, Kang Tai environmental, Hash, precedent, three Ze instrument, Tianjian innovation, Germany West, Angel, Yimei special, hoze, etc., including 262 exhibitors, three days of the session attracted a total of 12,829 professional visitors to the scene, the western professional audience accounted for 65.3%.


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